Trong dịp thăm trang trại Weasel Coffee của bạn  Nguyễn Quốc Minh (KH/LK) , Lớp TKNN có gặp được anh Bảo Bườn
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Lam Dong has first farm producing weasel coffee

Illustrative image. Photo: VNA.
The first farm producing the famed weasel coffee in the Central Highlands province of Lam Dong has opened its door for visitors to see the entire process of making the coffee with the help of domesticated animals.
The two-hectare farm at 135E Hoang Hoa Tham Street, Da Lat city, is keeping as many as 120 weasels (a type of civet) with the permission of the local forest management agency, and can produce an average of 500 kilograms of weasel coffee every year.
According to the farm’s owner Nguyen Minh Quoc, every coffee crop, the civets are fed with highest quality Arabica coffee berries. The coffee beans which are relatively undigested and intact in their droppings were then collected, cleaned and processed for sale.
Experts say the enzymes inside weasels’ stomach give the undigested coffee beans delightful taste and distinctive aroma.
Quoc said, the coffee has been checked and recognised by the Pasteur Institute of Da Lat and the Nuclear Research Institute for good quality and hygiene.
The publicizing of weasel coffee production process at the farm contributes to popularising the quality and trademark of Vietnamese coffee, as well as creating a new sight-seeing spot for tourists in Da Lat city.-VNA